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Sep 10

Posts: 67

richarderp says:

To plait or not.

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Jul 10

Posts: 615

leannemccabe says:

Re: To plait or not.

 its now pretty old school to plait a tail and as you go up the levels its pretty much all pulled - i prefer it because it doesnt take much skill to pull it so it usually always looks smart and there are so many ways to cheat and get the look - i use scissors and clippers on mine as i'd probably be double barreled in the chest if i even thought about ripping tail hair out! whereas it takes deffinate skill to plait one and done badly can ruin the look so pulling has sort of taken over in this department.  but at the end of the day its you preference - i cannot plait tails so i pull/cut/clip :)

You Can't Expect A Horse To Read Your Every thought, Without first Teaching Him The Alphabet . . .

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Jane Menzies


Feb 06

Posts: 205

Jane Menzies says:

Re: To plait or not.

 Hi, I was told it was amateurish to plait but then again my stable colleague did a beautiful neat plait in my Sonny's tail and it looked really smart.  You do see it occasionally sometimes at the races but general opinion is to pull although I've never done it myself and would probably ask someone to do it for me professionally who knows what they are doing, I'm too worried about hurting the pony, I wouldn't want my hair yanked out! Good luck with the show.

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Apr 05

Posts: 2854

rhapsody says:

Re: To plait or not.

I really do not like pulled tails, some people go overboard and they look like scrubbing brushes, especially when they're growing back in.  I've done a bit of inhand with my youngster and at the last show I was at which was a fairly big and grand affair they were all plaited, including her.  It didn't take me long to do, but then I used to have rather long hair and I got used to working with it!

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