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Jun 11

Posts: 25

bethjockxox says:

outline advice?

 My pony had never been worked in an outline before, so we are introducing it. 

He can do a simple outline in halt for a few seconds, but he pushes his head down to get out of it. I have tried to get him into one in a walk, but he just won't! I have thought about using a gadget or something, but many people i have asked say it's not a good idea. Does anyone have and advice so i can get him to work in an outline? Thankyou!

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Jan 12

Posts: 86

Re: outline advice?

I'm sorry but I wouldn't call that an outline. The pony is out of balance and if he moved in that shape he would be pushed on to the forehand which means he won't be moving properaly and it can be extremaly hard to correct. And most gadgets will just pull the head in to the chest and again put the horse on his forehand. I sugest you read to understand what is ment by "on the bit" and outline.Also a tip to see if the horse is on their forehand or out of balance is to see where the bit is,in relasion to the croup. If it is below the croup chances are the horse is out of balance and one the forehand.

It's ok if you give up as long as you come back later to try again.

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