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Jul 10

Posts: 2157

Re: novice, experience etc?!

Tommytank said:

 I also think an older wiser horse is probably a better option, taking a horse for a hack on its own is a whole different experience to going for a hack at a riding school, you say you get a bit nervous if a horse is a bit forward, that will only be greatly exagerated when your on your own, you don't want to ruin your confidence and/or a 4 year old horses confidence.  

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Jun 12

Posts: 4

Hollieejb says:

Re: novice, experience etc?!

 Thanks for the advice, by getting nervous on a forward going horse I meant I am used to plods so dont know how to handle a more forward going one. I dont get scared at all, I've had a couple of bad falls and got staright back on. I am really willing to learn and want to learn more, I feel a bit stuck at this riding school and am on the edge of giving up!!


As I said before I am going to a friends 'yard' (her own field with a couple of stables) to help her out with her youngsters who are not yet broken. I have only met her once but my mum and nan used to ride with her! she has a lot of experience and im going to take this oppertunity with both hands and run with it as she said she is going to teach me, then that way I would be more suitded to a share :)

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