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Aug 10

Posts: 87

ambertea123 says:

Silly spooking, napping & hacking out alone!

I already ride my horse out alone, but so far I've just stuck to the bridle path. At either end of the bridle path there are roads where I can get to more hacking. But he does have a nap in him and a stubborn side some times. So when he decides he doesn't want to do some thing, he will try his hardest not to! Once we've gone through it enough times he will do it, but I was wondering if you had any tips on getting him moving when he stops, as I don't want any trouble on the roads. So far I've been taking him out a bit further each day and he's been fine, but he does spook at silly things and refuse to move past them.

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Feb 10

Posts: 451

SarahR123 says:

Re: Silly spooking, napping & hacking out alone!

With my mare in that sort of situation, I'd get off and lead her past, then find a convenient place to re-mount!  If you can, go out with a headcollar under his bridle and a leadrope wound up and attached to your saddle then you can lead him easily if you need to.  Napping and spooking, especially when he's on his own, can be a confidence thing.  I'm more confident on the ground with my horse and then she has another creature on the ground to give her confidence too.  It works for us!

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Jun 12

Posts: 9

alfie92 says:

Re: Silly spooking, napping & hacking out alone!

I have the same problem to!! If my mare is spooked by anything or nervous she will not move past it so i have to get off and walk her past. She will walk past anything while i am leading her but if im riding her she wont. If i am out with someone else she will not walk in front she likes to follow behind. I think she has a megga confidence issue but she is getting better.

Sounds like your doing the right thing by taking him that little bit further everytime you go out. He will soon learn that he is not in charge of when to go home.

Hope you get some helpfull advice.

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