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Nov 11

Posts: 254

Lottiepony says:

Lots of Bad Luck

 Seems to be a bad few weeks on the yard lately.

One of the owners had a very nasty fall out hacking by herself involving a nasty break and problems with her back. The horse has gone as she only had it on trial before buying - not a pleasant experience seeing as she'll be out of the saddle for months now.

Also another horse reared up and went over backwards on the track and has broken his withers think he's gone to vets for x-rays today so hoping for a positive outcome.

Also I managed to twist my ankle saturday night (not that it stopped me riding on the sunday) walking okay now but got one very fat black ankle, I'm hoping i can still get my long boots on as want to take the girl out showing soon!

Hopefully that will be all the disasters done with now! 

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Apr 08

Posts: 1276

pippixox says:

Re: Lots of Bad Luck

i had one of those days monday- had a 3.5 hour exam in the aternoon i was dreading, then whole day of torrential rain, got phone call from friends at yard at 8am, i was going to get there at 8.30, to say my boy had done someting to his face, side of his jaw all swollen and not happy being touched, and the rain over night without rugs had been enougth to make my girl shiver. he had a deep weird puncture wound by his jaw, have no idea how he did it, so had to clean him up and bring them into the barn, when i was finally done and back home a had a few hours to get dry and cram before my exam! exam was horrible and then had to go and do more disinfecting!

i think bad things tend to come in 3's- torrential rain and flooding, injury and exam all in 1 day... luckily today his cut is scabbing up a bit and is less hot and swollen

my horses are my medicine, without them im even more crazy!

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