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May 09

Posts: 159

bcraig1984 says:




My mare just loves her jumping but after the fence & between fences gets so excited she leaps in the air.  She has been checked by the vet there is no reason except total excitment.


I wondered if anyone had suggestion other than, pole/grid work



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Jan 12

Posts: 86


 I don't know if this is any help but I used to know a girl who owned a showjumper that did that. She adventualy realised that she was making the mare do that as she tried to collect the horse after every jump but wasn't a great rider and just made the horse stop then gave out to it for stopping so the poor mare got so confused it just literly tried to stop and go at the same time.

Maybe you are trying to slow her down because you thinks she gets excited and you still have your leg unawares on so you could be giving mixed signals?

I also knew a boy my age who had a great jumper that did this before the jump because he was hanging on to the horses mouth with the reins. The horse stop jumping around nearly emediatly when he losened the reins and just went and did the jumps nicely.

I don't know how much help this will be to you but it might help? Hope you solve it.

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It's ok if you give up as long as you come back later to try again.

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Jun 12

Posts: 9

GingerMoose says:


I know a girl who had a horse like this, she let the horse do it because it wasn't naughtiness, it was pure excitement. It sooned progressed to bucking and essentially loosing time in the ring.

I would try to associate the leaping with something negative, maybe a smack or a growl. She should soon grow out of it.

Also, as well as gridwork. I would try approaching the fence, and halting about 5/6 strides away if she gets too strong or leaps. After fences you could try and halt and soon as possible. This helps her to be constantly listening to you and expecting the unexpected!

Hope that helps somehow!

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