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Feb 05

Posts: 2

danni281 says:

Gastric ulcers


what is the best hard feed to give my tb ex racer with gastric ulcers? he's currently on alph a oil, sugar beet, calm & condition and bailey conditioning cubes.  he is turned out 24hrs so has grass 24/7. as from his feed you can tell he is hard to keep the weight on as well!

any tips would be greatly appreciated!

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Apr 12

Posts: 98

Re: Gastric ulcers

Hi, Are his ulcers from Wind sucking/ Cribing?

I have an ex racer her windsucks every chance she gets, she does it when shes happy and stressed, she will just stand at a post all day in the field and suck away! Ive been told this can cause bad ulcers but im not to sure what any of the signs are for them or how bad they can actually get ?

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Jun 09

Posts: 818

Re: Gastric ulcers

Hi, I had terrible problems with my TB mare and gastric ulcers (as well as keeping weight on), I changed her diet completely last autumn and she breezed through winter at a good weight and no ulcer flare up, first time in 3 years hooray!  I feed her good quality seed hay ad lib, mostly steamed, but hard feed she moved on to Simple System Feed:
Top Nosh

Lucie Pellets in a snack ball when in and over night she has a LucieBrix to keep her amused.  Good luck

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