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Jun 12

Posts: 2

moetsmummy says:


My horse used to headshake really badly, his previous owner was thinking of having him put down, he didn't want to, he just didn't know what to do with him. He was also very sensitive to touch and brush over his head and neck. I tried riding him in a nose net, he would still shake a lot, but it was hard to know if the nose net flapping up and down was annoying him and adding to the problem. The trouble was because he kept shaking, he made the net flap up and down.

There seem to be so many different causes for headshaking, but because my horse was so sensitive to brush, I was inclined to think that the cause for his problem was damaged hair glands. I found that this could be treated using electrolyte patches. I treated him for 20 days with the patches and the difference was amazing. He stopped shaking and also now loves having his head and neck brushed. Also his coat which used to be dull and stary is now beautiful so obviously by healing the hair glands to cure the headshaking, he has also benefited from an all over conditioning effect.

As he can now cope with schooling and training, I have just started competing him, but although previously a nose net didn't seem to help the problem at all, I do find that if I don't continue to use one he seems to have an itchy nose and wants to rub it, so I think that he also suffers with pollen allergies, which the electrolyte patches don't cure. This might be helpful to people to be aware that in some horses the problems/discomfort/distress is actually due to more than one cause.

I've attached a picture of him at his first show.



Attached images:

  1. Moet's first competition 001  

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Nov 09

Posts: 922

Bluesnow05 says:

Re: Headshaking

 Interesting, I'd never even heard of damaged hair glands!  I often comment on headshaking posts because I used to have a mare that did it, and it drove me mad.  Would spoil out hacks out until I found out what caused it.  It was mainly due to her flash noseband and her bit. x

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Mar 12

Posts: 111

annabelleh26 says:

Re: Headshaking

My boy headshakes really bad too! He's unrideable from spring right into autumn. However after trying all sorts of nets I was told to try tights! And it works brilliantly! I use the gusset, cut the legs out and tie a not with the holes to close it, pull it over his muzzle and attach it via his flash, if you dont use a flash I'm sure theres a way to attach it via the noseband.

I think you can see what I mean in the pic x

Attached images:

  1. IMGP1409  

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Mar 11

Posts: 127

Alphabay says:

Re: Headshaking

I've never heard of damaged hair glands...thats so interesting as wouldn't think of something like that. Glad that you found out the problem and he now looks amazing! Beautiful horse :)

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