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Jun 12

Posts: 20


Due to an underlying back problem, my mare has not been able to work to her full potential resulting in quite a few major schooling problems. One of these is her hollowing her back and not working on the bit in a soft supple outline. Now that she has had her course of treatment and is a good as new, I want to attempt to try and refresh her memory of how to work correctly on the bit (reducing any further back problems). Does anybody have any experience of re-schooling a horse to work on the bit after going for a long period of time working incorrectly? There is lots of information regarding how to get a horse working on the bit, but personal experience helps a lot aswell as doing research. Any methods/ thoughts or advice would be highly appreciated. Many thanks.

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Aug 10

Posts: 87

ambertea123 says:


Lot's of walk to trot transitions have always helped me! And lot's of shapes. Keep moving and you'll find the head just drops on it's own.

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