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Aug 08

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Mattes white sheepskin full size half-pad/numnah for sale, good condition, rolled sheepskin at front, back of numnah is quite padded, these go for £75 brand new.

Brown english leather dressage girth, 22", only used a handful of times paid £40 for it from Derby House, goes with my monoflap saddle (also for sale)

Black leather jumping saddle, 17" seat, 7" d-d ring, comfy saddle perfect for backing, breaking etc. Discolouration to leather on left saddle flap however can't be seen when riding, marks to the leather on the cantle again only superficial, soft leather girth straps.  I can provide more pics & proof of sizes.

black Maxam synthetic saddle 17.5" seat 8" d-d ring, comfy saddle perfect for backing, breaking etc. Missing middle girth strap, previous owner cut it off half way up but doesn't affect use, can provide pic of this. Also pics of proof of the size.


If interested in any of these just comment, I can provide pics of everything. Make me an offer !!!


Norwegian Fjords - the golden horses with the golden hearts. Minty, Loki, Teiko, Willow, Cherry & Charlie - my lovely ponies :)

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