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Jun 12

Posts: 20

*** Web Harbridge Training Aid ***

I was wondering if anybody here has had any 1st hand experience with a **Web Harbridge Training Aid** (attached a picture of it below just incase). My mare cant walk in a straight line or bend properly when being ridden. I have tried all the basics in and out of the saddle to get her to flex more and be more supple. She is getting her back and tack checked due to a possible back problem she may have so hopefully if they fix the problem I can concentrate on her schooling and transitions and responsiveness. Currently she evades the bit, has her head in the air so her back and neck is hollow. She isnt all that responsive to contact and will sometimes go onto the bit by herself only in walk but then reposition her head to make herself hollow again. I am hoping this will encourage her to work properly to try to discourage any future back problems (thats is if she has one now). Please any info regarding this product would be greatly appreciated.

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Aug 10

Posts: 87

ambertea123 says:

Re: *** Web Harbridge Training Aid ***

I've never used one but they sound good. They're meant to immitate the perfect pair of hands aren't they? It might not do any thing for her, you'll need lots of good schooling too!

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Apr 12

Posts: 68

amber4ever says:

Re: *** Web Harbridge Training Aid ***

 Not sure if it was the exact sae thing but when I first got mine about two years ago we started by using a harbridge as his past owners hadn't done much with him so he wasn't schooled and they couldn't get him to canter, we are now doing fab with him anyway.When we used it it seemed to work really well he got into the swing of having his head in the correct position but I would definately say that although while on it works well you need to school a lot both with it on and off to get them working properly!I f you do decide to get one i would get her working well with and then slowly decrease schooling with it on as this seemed to work well for me.

Obviously every horse will be different, hope this helps.

If there is anything else I can help with as it seems that i have had similar poblems with mine as you are having with yours.

Good Luck


A show jumping horse has guts and commitment, an dressage horse has grace and elegance, but my horse has it all!

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Sep 08

Posts: 4939

brook says:

Re: *** Web Harbridge Training Aid ***

Hi, I sometimes use a Harbridge on our youngster as it helps her to stretch long and low and stops her from throwing her head up and hollowing, I find it quite useful. You do have to make sure that it is'nt fitted too tightly though as you don't want your horses head pulled in towards his chest, experiment a bit with fitting as you need it tight enough to prevent his legs getting caught up but loose enough to allow freedom of his head and neck. Good luck X

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