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Jun 12

Posts: 20

Back/Tack problem!?!?!

Hey. Since I bought my mare in October last year, she has slowly gradually become worse with her back and shoulder areas. From what started as just a dislikeness to being saddled and girthed up, has now evolved to being very aggressive when grooming her with a soft brush from her withers up to the middle of her back and down both her shoulders. She never used to buck when she was put into canter but now she does the majority of the time. She evades the bit (used to anyway) cant walk in a straight line, bend around a 20m circle or successfully do any form of balance and suppleness task without sticking her butt out or drifting off. Basically she cant stay in a straight line and let her back end follow the shape of her front when being ridden. The vet said she was fine (only very basic check), and the Phsyio/tack lady is coming in 3 days to check her out and check her tack fits. Has anyone ever experienced the same as me with their horse and did it work out for them when a professional came to find the problem? I am really worried and have never had this problem before. I dont like the idea she may be in pain and cant find any other way of telling me other than being aggressive and very moody.

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Dec 09

Posts: 134

wundahoss says:

Re: Back/Tack problem!?!?!

[quote]I dont like the idea she may be in pain and cant find any other way of telling me other than being aggressive and very moody.[/quote]

Good for you(& her) for recognising that! While there could be other reasons for her behaviour, I find that these type issues are indeed so often physical. So I'd stay off her back until you resolve the issue & the injuries. Regardless of good fit of the saddle, I wouldn't attempt to put one on her until she's well healed.

I've also paid good money to have a professional saddle fitter out & turn a(9yo, well trained, very laid back) horse into a bronc, all the while assuring me that it was nothing to do with saddle fit, only that the horse was young & green("trust me - I train young horses & you expect that"!!). So unfortunately just because they're a professional doesn't guarrantee they're any good. have some great info on their site about saddle fit & behavioural issues, to helping you on the way to educating yourself about it.

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