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Oct 10

Posts: 783

lydiarose says:

Woody has grown a chesticle

 Okay, so basically I wasn't up for a day due to this beautiful cold that's going around. Went up to the yard yesterday and Woody has this dangling, sad looking lump between his front legs that looks and feels like..well...a testical. Haha.

Can squeeze it and touch it and he's not fussed, he's eating fine, there's no heat in it at all. Rode him and it didn't cause him any problems.

Been googling and a lot of people are saying hematoma but surely he'd maybe be a bit like 'ow that's my hematoma don't squeeze it!' ?

Doesn't really seem like a bite or a kick as its in such an obscure place, though I did notice that he had a little swelling in that arm pit last week so maybe the fluid has just moved?

Was going to leave it for the time being as he doesn't seem fussed with it. But was wondering if anyone could give me any ideas?

Was gonna take pictures/might upload some later today but basically its like a human testicle between his front legs, but is completely covered in his hair. Hence the chesticle. Lol.

Any input appreciated!

Attached images:

  1. 306209_10150823078700974_663705973_9899394_718790480_n  
  2. 380193_10150823081665974_663705973_9899395_1652698597_n  
  3. 531438_10150780001885974_663705973_9763659_2023327063_n  

Woodhouse JT <3

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Apr 05

Posts: 2992

rhapsody says:

Re: Woody has grown a chesticle

If it's been there a couple of days then it might not necessarily be painful any more as the intial inflammation will be much less.  Cold hose it if he'll let you and just observe for another couple of days.  If it gets bigger have him looked at.  It might take a while for it to be reasbsorbed into his system if it's a fair size as well.

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