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Apr 12

Posts: 8

ClassyDarcy says:

Getting my 2yo mare to walk and trot??!!

(3rd time lucky my question will actually post!)


I have a 2yo mare who is great in sound in most ways and coming along well.

The problem we're having is, when walking her she walks behind (almost like a dog should!!) her nose at my shoulder, head low, neck long which obviously isnt good for her young developing neck muscles.

I have tried to encourage her to walk faster with her head held higher and to walk with me at her shoulder but she just wont, if i try to slip back slightly to her shoulder lever (whilst encouraging her to keep walking) she stops to look at me as if to say "why are you stopping, whats happening"

i also cannot get her to trot whilst leading her, no amount of encourangement, bum tapping or rope tapping her will do it, the rope tapping freaks her slightly so i dont want to do that until she's more confident with it.

The only way I could get her to trot was with my husband leading her and me behind him encouraging and tapping her bum, but as soon as I stop she goes back to a walk.

Any advice would be much appreciated please.

I have had horses in the past bu never this young, decided as I'm now a stay at home mum I will have time to invest (hmm who was I kidding with a 16 month old!) but I seem to be doing ok, but again any advice on bringing on a 2yo would also be appreciated!

Many thanks in advance x

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Jun 08

Posts: 3625

Re: Getting my 2yo mare to walk and trot??!!

have you had her back checked? Can you have some one else lead their horse with you so she can "learn" from another horse? Good luck. xx

Horses - if God made anything more beautiful, he kept it for himself. ~Author Unknown

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Sep 11

Posts: 67

Re: Getting my 2yo mare to walk and trot??!!

 Ok, well, I have no experience handling two year olds, but... My horse Frankie behaves exactly the same way on the leadrope, this is because he is completely relaxed (head low to floor, long neck, it's a place of vunrability for a horse as they cannot survey thier environment from this position!) and also willing to see me as his leader (shown by the fact that he would rather walk behind me). Now with the trotting Frankie is willing but does need encouragement - he is simply a little lazy. I might also add that having a low head carrige is not neccessarily bad for it stretches all the muscles in her back and is incouraged in schooling to help the horse learn to balance and soften in preperation for more strenuous work. I am currently actively trying to encourage my other horse to walk a little more behind, she is so much more respectful and polite, which is something I'm sure we'd all want in a young horse too. 

Have you perhaps tried lunging yet, I'm not sure if it's to early for that or not but, it will teach her to work independently of you. And from your central position you will be both 'guiding' and 'encouraging'. I wish you the best of luck with her! 

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May 12

Posts: 3

rachaelcandy says:

Re: Getting my 2yo mare to walk and trot??!!


Although I have had no experience with horses that young to encourage my horse to walk level with me or even in front of me i tend top use a lunge line and stand almost facing her body almost driving with the angle of my body. My horse is very sensitive so i dont use the rope either to encourage just the position of my body seems to work. Hope this helps :) x


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