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May 12

Posts: 1

Mysterious lameness?

My 15yr old mare has mysterious lameness! This happened around the same time last year. After many specialists the farrier concluded that she needed plastic shoes because iron shoes caused too much trauma to the tendons causing severe lameness the day after exercise. However this time it is different. I have recently moved livery yards and hae had more time on my hands to begin a schooling routine, she was going really well for two weeks and suddenly she pulled up lame. I say lame, but she is just short on her left leg in trot, almost as if her shoulder will not flex properly. I'm not sure if this could e linked to a back problem or what she is completely fine in walk short in trot and shuffely in canter. Her tendon do make an awful crack when I pick her feet up but she has always been like this. I must mention that she is living out for summer now so goodness what she does at night! I hope this isn't anything serious like in the tendons and bones :( please help!!! 

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Apr 05

Posts: 2848

rhapsody says:

Re: Mysterious lameness?

Have an equine physio give her a work over - it could be something she's done in the field.

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Dec 09

Posts: 134

wundahoss says:

Re: Mysterious lameness?

Yeah, get a good bodyworker come check her out. Unfortunately we can't really give more than wild guesses here, especially with that little info.

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