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May 12

Posts: 5

HeyHey says:

Showing Coloured Mare

Hi, I have a new skewbald mare. I am wanting to know if she is sutible for showing and if so up to what level. Does she have the correct markings etc. She will be in different tack for showing - no martingale etc. I am not new to showing and currently show natives successfully, however I have never shown a coloured before. Sorry about the photos, they were the best I could get. Also, if she was good to show, would she class as a hunter or general riding horse? Thanks

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Nov 08

Posts: 1327

*chip* says:

Re: Showing Coloured Mare

could do both classes with her really, she has nice markings, maybe a bit heavy headed but thats neither here nor there really, you could also do cob classes with her is you hogged her, or at lower level could probably still do cob just plaited. I'd get her out to some shows n see what comments you get from the judges x

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Jul 10

Posts: 615

leannemccabe says:

Re: Showing Coloured Mare

 shes deffinatly a hunter - riding horses tend to be finer - personally i prefer a more solid coloured with out the dots - im picky, sorry! but you just have to take her out and see hwat happens look at her now i'd say she'd make a good local/riding club level - shes a pretty mare but without seeing her movement and her way of going i'd struggle to see her keeping up at county and beyond but please do prove me wrong!! good luck she looks a nice sort! :)

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