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You are in... Forums > Welcome To Your Horse Forum > The Yard > Problems putting sun cream on a pink nose - any ideas please?



Feb 12

Posts: 106

toochi says:


how did you get on hun xx


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Mar 10

Posts: 3273

greyandbay says:

Re: Problems putting sun cream on a pink nose - any ideas please?

toochi said:

how did you get on hun xx


Not that well, I'm afraid - as I said she had been badly treated previously and is very aware of what may be dangers to her nose, lol, poor girl, and although I did get some on she very quickly got her head out of the way and wouldn't let me near enough to do any more, and I don't want her getting even more nose shy than she is already.

I do have the ozvet stuff as mentioned by mill mo, but it's so thick you really have to press it on so I haven't tried as I thought the pressing would be even more of a problem........

I think the only way to go is probably a field safe headcollar and a nose net, again suggested by mill mo - I really don't like leaving a headcollar on in the field, but we'll see how it goes.

Thanks all xx

The outside of a horse is good for the inside of a man - Winston Churchill

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Jan 11

Posts: 93

Rio186 says:

Re: Problems putting sun cream on a pink nose - any ideas please?


We have a 17.2hh grey tb mare at home with a pink nose too, so I know your pain - especially with the giraffe impressions!  I semi-fixed it with her by holding a handful of pony nuts in one hand, and the cream spread over my other hand thick!  I then offer her the food, keeping my hand behind my back until her head is down so she hopefully never sees the cream, and then slowly bring my hand up (back of my hand towards her face) and stroke down her face, and try to only put the cream on by flipping my hand in a smooth, controlled, downwards stroke... thats the plan anyway, but its always a little messy!!  So long as she never sees the cream on my hands, it usually works well enough to cover her!  And I also do the same thing at random times, with just food, no cream, so she doesn't learn to associate it with cream.


You can also try waiting it out.  Put some food on a high surface (I use a mounting block) and then hold her in front of it and show her the cream on your hand.  If you are always very slow and don't force her, she should just put her head up.  Let her and wait! It also helps if you put a bit of pressure on her headcollar.  Eventually she'll get tired and put her head back down.  When she does, release the pressure, tell her she is a good girl and give her a minute.  Then slowly try to move the cream near her nose again.  If her head shoots back, then just repeat.  Eventually she will get tired of putting her head up all together.  The important thing is not to put the cream on as soon as she puts her head down.  She needs a reward first for doing the right thing.  Sometimes it takes ages, so you may want to make sure you have a couple of hours spare!!

Its basically the same as desensitising, just you are desensitising her to cream instead of plastic bags.  I'm kinda thinking off the top of my head here! I've never actually tried it, but I'm going to give it a go as soon as I'm back home!  No worries if you don't think it'll work for you mare!

Sorry if I haven't explained it well.  Hope any of it helps at all anyway! xx

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Apr 08

Posts: 80

SarahSmith says:

Re: Problems putting sun cream on a pink nose - any ideas please?

 Smear it on your hands before and go to put her head collar on, then stroke her as you do it and she won't even notice. She'll think she's getting a fuss if anything.


I hope anyway.

Sarah :)

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Oct 11

Posts: 89

ellasmellaa says:

Re: Problems putting sun cream on a pink nose - any ideas please?

With Tommy i have suncream with herbs etc. So he likes the smell and loves having it put on! Maybe there is something simillar you could use?

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