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Jun 11

Posts: 25

bethjockxox says:

Serious problem, PLEASE HELP!!

 hi :)

i got my pony about 11 months ago and he was really good to hack, but these past few months he has gotten into some very bad habbits!..

When i try and canter him, he will just bolt off with me. He usually bolts with me, even in the school but yesterday was totally different. He bolted, but wouldn't stop. I would usally bring him round in a circle and he stops after a few, but this time he wouldn't, i had to use both hands on one side of the reins to get him to stop.. it sounds  dangerous and stupid, but it was a last resort. 

Then on the way home, he usually gets all upity, strong and dancing around on the road. He was like that yeserday, i would stop him and try and get him to calm down, he would do some little rears, and for the first few steps he would be calm then would go back to his usal state. We were nearing home and he decided he would bolt home, along the concrete road. I didn't want to turn him on the road incase he slipped, so i had to let him carry on. He stopped when he got to the gate of the feild him and his companion live in. 

It was really scary! I have been think lots about selling him, but i really want to get him right before i let someone else try and ride him. He is extremely difficult to ride, and i really need some help with this :( 

PLEASE HELP!!!! thanks :)

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May 08

Posts: 960

TruStar says:

Re: Serious problem, PLEASE HELP!!

Could it be that he is in some sort of pain? Maybe he needs back, teeth and saddle checked. Can you lunge him or take him out in hand? It could calm him down a bit.

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Jan 11

Posts: 93

Rio186 says:

Re: Serious problem, PLEASE HELP!!

Hi,  sorry to hear about your problem.  The best thing to do if I were you is just start over.  Get back to basics and work inhand with him for a day or two.  Establish who's the leader again, maybe try join up (but only if you know what you are doing).    Check out 'Perfect Manners' - Kelly Marks, if you need inspiration - I know I keep recommending that book left right and centre, but I can't begin to describe how great it's been for me!


Before all that, I definitely agree with TruStar about checking out his back, teeth and saddle.  Its horrible to think of all the horses that are playing up because they are in pain, and we haven't checked.


Once you have complete cooperation on the ground, try having some lessons if you can, or just work on a bit of control in the arena (transitions etc).  A lesson or two first would probably be best just to give you somewhere to start, and to get him listening to you again.


When you feel confident to start hacking again, just go out and come back for 5 mins.  If he plays up, get off and lead him the rest of the hack!!  Keep the walks short, so that you don't have to trek far, but you are not losing by getting off.  You are teaching him that you will walk exactly where you want to with him, on or off his back.  At the moment he is winning by getting home at his own speed.  After a while, he should realise that you are going to make him hack, but also that he will be home soon enough anyway.  Keep the walk/hacks short (like 10mins or so) and see if he settles down.  When he does, lengthen the route a little until he is just out of his comfort zone, keep at whatever length of time that is, or distance, until he is used to it, and then lengthen it again.


It would mean that you are taking things very slowly (you can always do more school work and lunging if you don't think he is getting enough exercise), but if you can slowly build something with a horse it usually lasts much longer.


Of course, this may not work for your horse at all!  Hope it helps, or gives you any ideas any way!

Best of luck.  :)


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Apr 08

Posts: 80

SarahSmith says:

Re: Serious problem, PLEASE HELP!!

 It sounds like maybe he's got back problems? Maybe the saddle is uncomfortable so I'd get it checked out. Have you changed his routine recently or taken him away from a friend in the field?


Some horses get so close to other horses they play up as soon as they're apart.

Sarah :)

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