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Dec 09

Posts: 221

Cobsandshire says:

Had to put Noah to sleep

Hi guys,

We had my lovely shire, Noah put to sleep a week ago.  He had heart failure and was developing an itchy skin condition that would have driven him mad.  The vet didn't think he'd last much longer so we thought we'd let him go before he was in pain.

What a beautiful boy he was, both in character and looks.  My 2 remaining boys are missing him like mad and for us it's such an obvious loss as he was like a beacon on the hill, being 17.2hh and a grey that could had advertised for Daz!

I've attached some photos below

1. - Me riding him last autumn

2 - Him galloping across the snow at his previous home

3 - Noah and Queenie (his best friend who passed away in November) when they first came to me.


Attached images:

  1. DSCF0012  
  2. IMG_2105  
  3. NOA 1  

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Jul 08

Posts: 183

igglepop says:

Re: Had to put Noah to sleep

 Sorry for your loss. Absolute stunner.

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Apr 11

Posts: 556

Rosebudd says:

Re: Had to put Noah to sleep

 what an absolute gorgeous horse, r.i.p ... lots of hugs x 

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Aug 11

Posts: 498

Re: Had to put Noah to sleep

 so beautiful. xxx RIP xxx


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Sep 08

Posts: 4939

brook says:

Re: Had to put Noah to sleep

Oh bless him, what a beautiful boy, love your piccies of him. You made a very brave decision thinking of Noah and putting him first. hold onto all of those lovely memories of him. Big hugs for you, take care, Lyn XX 

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Aug 08

Posts: 2198

Re: Had to put Noah to sleep

so sorry to hear. he was stunning, must have taken you ages to scrub those feathers!

Norwegian Fjords - the golden horses with the golden hearts. Minty, Loki, Teiko, Willow, Cherry & Charlie - my lovely ponies :)

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Mar 12

Posts: 147

kezza81 says:

Re: Had to put Noah to sleep

 Thoughts are with you . Lots of hugs and kisses winging their way to you and your horses xx

a pony is a child's dream and an adult's treasure.

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