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May 12

Posts: 2

FireBlade says:

Help!! Gelding who thinks he is a stallion???



I am here looking for a bit of advice!

On my yard there is a gelding who is 4yo. He is a big heavy weight cob and obviously weighs an absoloute ton! The issue is that every time the horses are turned out he makes a beeling straight for the mares. I have seen him do it and he used to mount and lie there but he has now got to the stage where he is biting chunks out of them and pulling on their legs to get them down to the ground.

I have had the vet out as his shoes cut my mares side and she needed stitched. We have spoken to the yard owner who is looking at seperating the fields and to the owner who doesnt think there is anything wrong with it and refuses to listen to us mare owners.

Am i wrong to think he shouldn't be acting like this? He has been on the yard for years yet this only started about 6 weeks ago. Could something be causing this behaviour? and is there anything we can do to try stop it? Any help, advice etc will be very much appreciated! thanks xx


To ride or not to ride? ....What a stupid question!!

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Jun 08

Posts: 3625

Re: Help!! Gelding who thinks he is a stallion???

Has he definately beed gelded properly. Some people ( god knows why) geld their colts when only one has dropped, which is about as useful as a chocolate fireguard!!! You can get a supplement called Rigcalm to help. My first suggestion would be to turn him out with one or 2 gelding and keep him separate from the mares, I would also see if you can get blood tests done to see what could be the problem.  If they wont keep him separated ask if you can put your mare in a different field or they can cover the costs of continual vets bills and box rests. Good luck. xxx

Horses - if God made anything more beautiful, he kept it for himself. ~Author Unknown

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Oct 10

Posts: 627

lydiarose says:

Re: Help!! Gelding who thinks he is a stallion???

Agree with Sonia here. If they won't let you seperate your mare from this big guy when there is clearly a problem then they are technically liable for it I guess! He could be a rig and its not fair on everyone elses horse for this to continue. The owner should really be the one organising seperate turnout for him, with two other geldings that can stand their ground. We had a gelding on our yard that was like this, he would drive the other horses up the wall and bite and kick them. He was turned out with two geldings and he was not such a problem after that, though he would still show off to the mares in the next field!

Woodhouse JT <3

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