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Apr 12

Posts: 14

s16nyg says:

Gastric ulcer?

hey all

has anyone had experience with this? my warmblood is now showing some symptoms (i know they are quite general but they fit?)

looking online he seems to fit quite a few....

1. tries to nip when i do the girth up 2. hates being groomed and is really grumpy in the stable 3. seems stressed in general and just not himself at times (this isnt all the time tho)

he doesnt seem colicy at all tho....wondering if it may be just down to tight muscles (had the chiro out 3 weeks ago and hes tight thro shoulders and ribs)

any advice/alternate diagnosis would be appreciated or just any help!

will be getting the vet out but just wanted to check in the mean time

thanks xx

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May 12

Posts: 77

JTurnbull80 says:

Re: Gastric ulcer?

 I'm not sure with this to be honest, but has the vet veen out yet? I'd be interested to hear what he had to say.

If it was a person, you'd be looking for tenderness/pain in the central upper abdomen (just below sternum/breastbone), acid reflux (although horses can't vomit so I dont think they can have acid reflux), a worsening of symptoms around meals, or a 1-2 hour delayed onset if a duodenal ulcer (an ulcer in the intestine just below the stomach), so I guess you could try and work out whether your horse seems worse around feed time, and also excess wind or bloating.


You would also try and test for helicobacter (stomach bacteria). But again, I dont know if a gastric ulcer in a horse would result from an infection.


Hope that gives you something else to look for, and I'm keen to see what the vet says!

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Mar 10

Posts: 3273

greyandbay says:

Re: Gastric ulcer?

You could try feeding a gut balancer such as Protexin for a while, to see if it has any effect, or maybe something like Gastroguard.

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Feb 13

Posts: 3

Re: Gastric ulcer?

 My freinds horse has just been diagnosed with gastic ulsers he is on gastroguard every day for a few months prescibed from the vet it is expensive one syringe costs £30 and he has one a day after hes finished this course he will be on another medication for life to help prevent him from getting these again perhaps talking to your vet as these things can get worse (my friends horse had internal bleeding from these and was loosing alot of weight) she realised something wasnt right as he was very tempermental, rearing vertical, wont let her ride, he also had alot of diahreer.

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Jun 09

Posts: 818

Re: Gastric ulcer?

My TB had gastric ulcers a few years back and had a course of gastroguard.  That is great to settle them when you have a flare up trick is to stop the flare up!

Fibre, fibre and more fibre, it is so imortant to keep the digestive system moving the whole time, if there isn't enough "food" in the guts the acid sort of builds up and then aggrevates the ulcers and this causes the discomfort - simple terms!  With my girl I just make sure she always has hay available when she is in, she is on a low sugar low starch diet but high fibre.  Trying to keep her stress to a minimum is important too, can be difficult when you have an epileptic horse but she has done well for a few years with no flare ups.

Obviously GastroGuard is expensive, so I also have used Slippery Elm Bark powder added to her feed which was brilliant :-)

There is no greater gift than to share time with a creature of such beauty - The Horse.

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