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May 12

Posts: 23

lottyshona says:

Hacking thread

Hello there! Got some pictures of your horse and you hacking or doing something fun?? I do!! Post them here! We want to see your pictures!!

Attached images:

  1. Shona 047  

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Apr 12

Posts: 12

CathySirett says:

Re: Hacking thread

 gosh I have zillions!! well not quite but as I run hacking with confidence courses I end up hacking out a LOT!

here are a couple of favourites -- from the ridgway in oxfordshire and one from the beach!



Attached images:

  1. J-October  
  2. SP_A0551 - Copy  
  3. SP_A0870 - Copy  

Effective Horsemanship: "Confidence for Horse And Human"

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Sep 08

Posts: 4939

brook says:

Re: Hacking thread

Hi, Tenor my lovely Welsh Sec D and I hack out quite alot, he is a safe and fun hack so i can relax and enjoy it. See our piccies below

Attached images:

  1. 002  
  2. Hack out to the church 001  
  3. Sept 2011 on the stubble field 001  

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Jan 10

Posts: 1942

Tommytank says:

Re: Hacking thread

 I'm just a happy hacker, here's some pictures of me and Tommy, and the cat and the dogs, who all come to   The cat only decideds to come occasionally!

Attached images:

  1. 001  
  2. hacking  
  3. rac

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Feb 10

Posts: 451

SarahR123 says:

Re: Hacking thread

Not pictures but a link to a youtube video!

This is me, Missy (the bay) and my friend Helen with her horse Rosie.  In a lifetime of riding spanning 40 years this was my first ride on the beach.  It was lovely but sadly marred by the fact that Missy fell over in the trailer just before we arrived...bizarre as she always travels brilliantly.  It completely knocked her confidence and we haven't had a 100% successful journey since so have only gone a mile or two from the yard :(  If you do watch it you can see our very own pace - we call it a "tranter" it's where Missy gets all disunited and breaks back to a trot the same speed as the other horse is cantering!  She can also do a pretty good "trollop"!!!!

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Mar 12

Posts: 27

got some pictures soon of me hacking on an iceberg. there some pretty cool pics of the horse slipping over! :D

i have anger issues and problems so leave me alone ok?! your mum

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