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Jul 10

Posts: 2157

What's your horses rank in the herd?

 Parsley is the husband of the Queen Bee..therefore it makes him top dog as well. they kind of work as a team. Parsley can be very aggressive and flirty as well. Most others don't mess with him.


Where do yours come in the pecking order?

It's lonely in the saddle since the horse died.

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Sep 10

Posts: 238

spanning says:

Re: What's your horses rank in the herd?

 lol you could hardly call my two a herd but the shetland definitely likes to think he is the boss ¬¬ 

As my friend puts it...little pony syndrome! he hates to think he's missing anything hahah 

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May 12

Posts: 23

lottyshona says:

Re: What's your horses rank in the herd?

Everyone calls my horses Teletubies!! And Shona is lead, FOR SURE!!! she bossy! vewwy vewwy bossy!

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Sep 08

Posts: 4939

brook says:

Re: What's your horses rank in the herd?

Tenor !! He will defo put the others in their place, we only have him and Tilly atm but when I kept him at a friends he bossed 3 others all standing at 16.2hh and over, Tenor is only 14.2hh. When a new horse arrived on the yard at our previous place Tenor just stuck his head over the door and started munching the new horses hay ! Cheeky little man. 

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Jan 09

Posts: 2403

Cocosmom says:

Re: What's your horses rank in the herd?

Coco is the herd leader in his little herd of 3! He has had a temporary field buddy and then 2 new permanent field buddies in the 6 weeks due to loosing his old field buddy when he was PTS. He was really quite aggressive to the temporary field mate (who he knew as we hack out regulally together) but he has really bonded with one of his new buddies. He is normally quite a dominant leader, not aggressive but will flatten his ears from a couple of meters away and they will move but Justin he just adores and will put up with so much from him, they drink at the same time for the same trough, he wont chase him off when having his dinner (in fact I wouldn't be surprised if he'd share it with him given the chance) they play together, they lie down together and graze so close together and groom each other which is lovely as he's always been boss horse but with Justin, although he is the boss and will move him away occasionally he just adores him! Oddly enough Justin is at the bottom of the pecking order and the other little pony is second in line to Coco but he isa little loner (always has been apparently) and quite happy doing his own thing and grazes away from the other 2 most of the time.   

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Dec 11

Posts: 131

PonyMad4Ever says:

Re: What's your horses rank in the herd?

 Out of all 18 at my yard,  [not all in same [paddock!], Ellie is deffo one of the lead mares. she even bosses around 16.2 George, who bosses around everyone else! So I guess she's pretty high up.

Harry likes to think he is a 17.2 stallion, when he is in fact a 10.2 gelding  and I think he's quite low. He tried to fight George once.

Puzzle is in charge out of him and the other horse [14.2 gelding].


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