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Jan 09

Posts: 36

barmy says:

Looking for BOB (bobbi)

Looking to trace my big boy Bobbi, who i completely loved, but outhorsed myself with!

Bobbi was purchased from Ulverston Cumbria, in 2008.

I sold Bobbi in 2009, he went to Centerparcs at penrith, and was driving the Carriage for a while. (not surew on dates)

He was then sold on to a lady in Carlisle, and from there i have no trace. I would love to be able to find out where he is, and how he is. He is one fella sorely missed.

He was a bay, with a white blaze. He has a wart (or had) on his inside top leg, he is a gypsy vanner, holds a passport with the horse passport agency, number: 826069000093544.

He is registered as BOB, BAY COLT. Birthyear 2004.  If he still has originl passport, it has some writing on in black pen, Bobbi, next to his name, and Gypsy vanner next to his breed which is offiacially unknown.


Hope someone can help

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