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Jan 09

Posts: 36

barmy says:

Looking for Maddy, 15.2 - 16.1 TB



I have been searching for maddy for over a year now with no sucess, all i want to know is, that she is ok, and how she is now.

Maddy is around 15.2 to 16.1, she is dark bay, with no markings. She holds a weatherbys passport, and on this passport she is unnamed.

Her Sire is Bollin Terry, owned by Puddledub Stud. Her dam is eluding me at the moment, but i will edit to add this later. Maddy will be around 10ish now.  She is prone to abscesses in her rear hoofs.

Maddy is a quirky horse, she has/had problems being out on the road. She is a rearer, and will go right over if she is allowed to do it.

Maddy came to me in august 2009, from a local dealer near Whitehaven Cumbria. I fell pregnant and was unable to ride her. I struggled to find someone to ride, and quickly realised Maddy wasnt what she was sold as.  I sold her back after struggling with time, in May 2010.

I believe she was reschooled, then was sold to a lady at Maulds meaburn, Near Appleby, Cumbria. The lady contacted me, and we discovered she was having the same problems.  Her new owner was determined to reschool her but i believe was unsuccessful.

The lady contacted me to let me know Maddy had gone on to another home, i believe near Penrith, But was very vague anbd reluctant to give any details, despite us becoming friends during the time she had maddy.

I wonder if anyone can relate to her history and give me further details? I have since contacted her last known owner and recieved no reply. I do fear the worst. All i want to know is where she is and how she is doing


thanks in advance x

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Nov 15

Posts: 1

Buzyizzy says:

Re: Looking for Maddy, 15.2 - 16.1 TB


Do you have any photos of her? I'd be very interested to see some.

kind regards


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