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Jan 11

Posts: 39

cosmos says:

How to Trickle Feed in Field

I have a laminitic chap who's just had some mild colic (on the mend now I think), but we're doing well with trickle feeding while he's in his stable by double-haylage netting his hay..


But as soon as possible I want him outside. I have a dirt paddock waiting for him (although we're waiting for it to dry out, it's a swamp paddock currently), but there's nowhere to hang any haynets. I know there's some magic way you can tie haylage nets so they can be fed on the floor and so that they can't get their feet caught in them.. but does anyone else have any ideas on how I can get him to trickle feed hay in his dirt paddock?


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Mar 10

Posts: 3273

greyandbay says:

Re: How to Trickle Feed in Field

I've never heard of this hay nets on the ground thing, it sounds great if there is a way.

But when we had a laminitic on restricted grazing i used to put out small hanfuls of hay all over the paddock so he had to walk for it - not far, but better than him just standing in one place munching.

The other thing I've heard of is the Paddock Paradise, could be Paradise Paddock, not sure, started by a Canadian lady who admittedly did seem to have loads of land to work with, and who made a long trail around it, rather than just having a square field, and then put feed down in places so the horse had to walk the trail to get any feed.

Hope you can work something out for your boy :o)

The outside of a horse is good for the inside of a man - Winston Churchill

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