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Dec 11

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A few things i want to ask you lovely people!

 Okay first thing:show names ideas!
i need a show name for my horsey! shes 6 years old, piebald, sweet and so much energy, shes a like a spring too! her stable name is humbug but that doesnt really need to be in the show name :)
the 2nd picture is her!

My friends pony also need a show name, shes also a piebald mare, 10yo and is a typical mare! shes very sweet and caring but has her sneaky wee moments! Her show tack is red so maybe that could be in the name? her stable name is polly! the 1st picture is her :)

roughly what size would you say a showjacket size maids 28 is?  Like what kind of age or what size is it similar to in normal sizes hehe :)

Lastly! passport help!                                                                                                                                                  I need to change te ownership on my horses passport but the form i have to fill in has a "previous owner" part to fill out, the thing is the previous owner of the passport is a man from ireland? i live in scotland! help?!

Help on any of the above is greatly appreciated! :)

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Lara Hamilton

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