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Aug 08

Posts: 2198

Minty my super dooper little horse!

I've been doing a lot of jumping with Minty lately, I have had confidence issues jumping, anything over 60cm used to scare the hell out of me. With a bit of work this past month I'm now able to point Minty at an 80cm jump and jump it, he's getting so good and he has scope to go even bigger! Here's a video from today :)


I've also set up a facebook page dedicated to my fjords which I'm trying to get popular, only did it today so still a bit of work to be done:

For anyone who has tumblr I already have an existing blog, which has become quite popular hence why I'm moving it over to facebook. If I get enough interest hoping to open my own website. I've also attached some pics of Minty jumping today - nobody can tell me now that fjords can't jump, look how high he is clearing them!

Attached images:

  1. djfnskajnd  
  2. dnsjnd  
  3. IMG_0286  

Norwegian Fjords - the golden horses with the golden hearts. Minty, Loki, Teiko, Willow, Cherry & Charlie - my lovely ponies :)

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Jul 10

Posts: 2157

Re: Minty my super dooper little horse!

 He looks so good! :O I'm glad all your work paid off.

It's lonely in the saddle since the horse died.

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Sep 08

Posts: 4939

brook says:

Re: Minty my super dooper little horse!

Oh wow he really has an amazing jump, well done to you for perservering and getting to 80cm. I'm not atall confident with jumping about 30cm is more my mark lol ! You two look so good together, lovely piccies XX

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Jan 10

Posts: 1942

Tommytank says:

Re: Minty my super dooper little horse!

 I love that Minty's putting a big smile back on your face, looks like your having a great time :)

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Oct 11

Posts: 89

ellasmellaa says:


 I love fjord's Mintys so lovely and what a jump, you look great together :)

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Apr 05

Posts: 2854

rhapsody says:

Re: Minty my super dooper little horse!

Well done!

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Nov 10

Posts: 977

cookiecrazy says:

Re: Minty my super dooper little horse!

 haha awesomee!! You two look great!


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Apr 10

Posts: 304

AMLS says:

Re: Minty my super dooper little horse!

Wow, the video is great. The last few jumps in particular looked awesome !!! One thing I love about horses is that hard work always pays off and it's worth going through some crap times to have that sense of achievement when it all comes right in the end. Great job and can't wait to see more !!!

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