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Apr 12

Posts: 14

s16nyg says:

working off the forehand

hi all

i have a dutch warmblood on loan who hasnt been worked for years. am trying to get him to work off his back end more as he is over developed on his forehand and muscles all around his shoulder/neck.

is there any good websites etc that show how to work him more using his bum?

or does anyone have any good tips?

thanks :D x

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Mar 12

Posts: 111

annabelleh26 says:

Re: working off the forehand

when you're schooling do a few steps walking backwards, sounds silly but it makes him use his back end and will help develop muscle, also lunging is good for developing top line and making him work properly, Zilco lunge training system is good for that, i use a bungie most of the time though and i find it very effective. Take it slow though, if he's been out of work for a while it will be hard for him x

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Sep 08

Posts: 4939

brook says:

Re: working off the forehand

There are a couple of posts about this issue on this forum atm, if you have a look in the Yard these may be of interest to you, good luck, Lyn X  

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