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Apr 11

Posts: 173

Bananas says:

can i name a foal what i want?????

i want to have my own stud and i have to start somewhere, i am going to get a foal and bring it on and sell it but i was wondering if i can sell it under my own name or do i have to register my own name before i can sell under my name?

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Apr 05

Posts: 2992

rhapsody says:

Re: can i name a foal what i want?????

If you have bred a foal you can give it whatever name you wish, if the foal is eligible for registration with one of the breed societies then you just complete the relevant paper work and send it in to them with the mare's details and the stallion covering certificate.  If you are intending being a proper stud and running it as a business and selling the foal through your business then you would need to register yourself with companies house and the inland revenue, again the name of your stud is your own choosing.  If your stud has a name then you can put the stud name into the foal's name e.g. if your stud was called something like Tinseldown Farm then you could name the foal Tinseldown Harry for instance.

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