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Apr 12

Posts: 12

TonOfHats says:

First time loaner tips

 I am hoping to loan a horse very soon, the owner and I have been discussing livery and prices but as a first time loaner I was wondering if anybody has any tips for me on what I should ask the owner about the horse before signing any contracts?
I have a general idea of what to ask, such as when he was last vetted, wormed, shoed etc. and if he is prone to any illness or injuries because obviously it would cost me more if he was, but are there any questions I'm missing?
I already know the basics of the horse too of course :)
Help would be much appreciated!

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Sep 11

Posts: 67

Re: First time loaner tips

 Does he/she have any strange/potentially costly 'habits'... I only say this because the women who we share a field with has just got a new mare on loan who seems to want to eat the entirity of the wooden posts and rails! Shes only been here three days and has already munched a significant amount! It must be said that this could of been to do with stress and/or excitement due to being somewhere new and unknown, but if she does carry on we might have to paint the fence with something. Anyway good luck, you seem like you're goging about it in a good and sensible way, and I'm sure you'll be rewarded :) 

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Feb 10

Posts: 451

SarahR123 says:

Re: First time loaner tips

Apart from the advice you'll get here, do also look at the BHS website as this has info on loaning and contracts, etc.  When we loaned a horse a couple of years ago we had a month's "trial" during which time he could go back if either of us was unhappy with anything.  If you could sort this, it would give you a reasonable chance to give him a good try - especially if he's staying at the same yard as he'll be fairly settled.

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