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Mar 09

Posts: 792

SuzyA says:

Re: OMG what a horrible day !!!

brook said:

I catch up on the house work ( boring !! ) But it has to be done at times lol. Also I have just discovered one of my favourite books called Ride With Your Mind Essentials by Mary Wanless, I'm going to read through it again, it's quite technical stuff all about the biomechanical demands of riding.


Actually that's a good idea about the housework.  I'm pretty slack at that, but it usually does look quite tidy, just when you move something on the shelf you can see the dust mark!  I'm the only human in the house, so unless I've got a pal over there's no one human to talk to face to face.  I've got that book, got it quite a while ago, but did find it very useful.  My latest acquisition is Kelly Mark's Perfect Confidence.


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Oct 11

Posts: 30

amieee says:

Re: OMG what a horrible day !!!

My connemara was out until 8pm..but stayed sunggled up in his field shelter and thank god he was well rugged!:)

born to ride, forced to work(;

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Mar 10

Posts: 3273

greyandbay says:

Re: OMG what a horrible day !!!

The trouble is this weather seems to make you feel like doing absolutely nothing - snore !!

OH did the horses this morning, he said they all had their backsides up to the hedge, and he gave them extra hay.

Having got all the winter turnouts washed and reproofed in that nice weather we had a while ago - was that our summer, lol - I've now got them all out again in readiness. Monty and Bracken have medium weights on and Fate a light weight - but I've got to the stage of thinking does Fate need a medium and do the other two need neck covers.....

I've been reading the Sunday papers and all the bits and supplements that come with it, doing some ironing, mending a neck cover and putting new clips on a couple of broken leg straps.


PLEASE let's get some better weather soon......

The outside of a horse is good for the inside of a man - Winston Churchill

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Oct 07

Posts: 1472

dollymix says:

Re: OMG what a horrible day !!!

 It is awful here... Gusting, strong winds and endless rain. Yuck!


Very selfish though as I just keep thinking that I'd rather it was like this whilst I can't rude! Would be even more down in the dumps if it was glorious sunshine and I couldn't ride! Lol sorry everyone :-)

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