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Jul 05

Posts: 1

samfalconer says:

Which stallion for my mare?

 Hello, I am looking to put my mare into foal but am so confused as to what to put her to! She is a 16.3hh ISH out of Fahavane Arctic Star, lines of Arctic Que. I've read holsteiners cross nicely with them. She has a big jump with no style and her confirmation could be improved and feel she needs more athleticism and a bit more spark as she is very laid back. I am based in Hertfordshire. Also how does it work with registering the foal if I don't put her to another ISH? Any ideas would be much appreciated!

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Apr 05

Posts: 2992

rhapsody says:

Re: Which stallion for my mare?

My friend has a stud here in Ayrshire which is likely to be a bit far for you, but one of her stallions is a knabstrupper ( and they are very athletic horses and eligible for sports horse registration or registration with the knabstrupper society if the mare is a sports horse.  Basically they are a variety of warmblood and her stallion is proven both in dressage and show jumping, which most of them are - you would be able to find one nearer you on the knabstrupper society web site.  Although known for being "spotted" they do often come in solid colours too and throw solid coloured foals, and shouldn't be confused with apaloosas as they are a different type of horse completely.  I have a filly by my friend's stallion and she's black, she's nearly 3 and you can see a picture of her on my gallery in my profile.  With regards to registration with the ISH you would need to contact them or look up their website to find out what their rules are for crossing out your mare.


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