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Apr 12

Posts: 1

abbyndrocky says:

How to slow him down showjumping!?

I have a british warmblood who's 6 he has lovely transitions and paces but likes to rush into showjumps no matter how big! at the minute he's jumping no bigger than 2'3 purely because of the speed he comes into them!  I jump him in trot and he doesnt rush at all both coming into or leaving the jump he is perfect  although after a while he gets bored of trotting to jump, so do i!

When coming to a jump in canter he rushes alot, when i try to hold him back he flings his head sky high, this is the same when half halting him as well. he have done trotting poles and canter poles however when these are taken away he goes mad again, as if he's not learning anything from them! 
Obviously if we want to get any better in competing we cant trot into every jump..

We have a small competition coming up in just over a week oh and he's also on a topspec calmer to see if it helps! at the minute he's ridden in a normal french link snaffle, we have tried a dutch gag although he tends to fight against this more when jumping.

Anybody help?


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Apr 05

Posts: 2854

rhapsody says:

Re: How to slow him down showjumping!?

We have a Belgian warmblood (Zangersheide) who's had similar issues in the past.  My husband gets instruction on him from a top showjumper near us and the horse has also been away to their yard a couple of times for intensive schooling which has really helped.  Apart from that we have been through lots of different bits to help  him take a check before fences, including gag, waterford, gag with waterford mouth piece etc and have found that he's best controlled in a hanging cheek french link, he has a low palate as do lots of warmbloods and I think if he's not comfortable it makes everything harder to do.  Try schooling him with the jumps at home, by that I mean practice cantering him in a cirlcle before heading to the jump, adding in random circles here and there rather than proceeding over the whole course or repeating the jumps, just to keep him thinking, and mixing it all up so he's not the one in the driving seat - it certainly worked on our horse.  Also use a martingale.  It sounds as though your horse just needs more miles on the clock, practice is the key.  Our horse was very like you describe when he started out and one day it will all fall into place unexpectedly, but you need to keep going at it.

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