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Apr 12

Posts: 2

How can I get her to stand still while I mount?

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Aug 08

Posts: 8

sammyp says:

RE: How can I get her to stand still while I mount?

I had this same problem for a long time, by the sounds of it you are getting on from the ground, although you have had her back checked and it is all fine, if you are not a springy person you may find this is unpleasent for her, try a mounting block or unside down bucket just for that extra bit of height, now once on the mounting block make sure your horse can move a circle round the block, this is a long process and will not happen overnight took me 3 months of doing it everday

Make sure you are ready to get on ie girth done, striupps etc stand on the mounting block, once you are on you dont get off untill you mount your horse!! Collect your reins if at that point she moves off circle her round the block and when she is standing collect the reins again put you foot in the striupps if she moves off circle her again when standing still go to mount again - you get the gist lol!! after 3 months of circleing the mounting block 5 times before you mount thry soon learn to stand still and allow you to mount!! another little quick trick is mount from the wrong side this often takes them by suprise as they were not expecting it!! however you can only use this a few times before the cotton on

Hope this helps

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