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Aug 10

Posts: 4

canda says:

How can I get him to load?

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Apr 12

Posts: 1

Tazsara says:

RE: How can I get him to load?

Sorry to hear your having loading problems, i have had this problem a few times. Have you tried the Kelly Marks technique of walking him backwards as soon as he refuses? this has worked well with my horse and he doesn't bother messing around anymore!

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Nov 08

Posts: 461

hayleighm175 says:

RE: How can I get him to load?

 This sound awful, but my horsey would never come home, she isn't nevous to box etc, it was just naughtiness! My friends (who has vertualy nothing to do with her) cropped her with a schooling whip on her bum after 3hours of trying to get in! She is a girly girl, so did go straight in.. it's been over 2yrs now and we have never had a problem with loading!

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May 12

Posts: 5

Patchy says:

RE: How can I get him to load?

 This problem is commen is what I would suggest is :  can your horse back up when you ask him if he can't Then keep practicing it with him and when the trailor is open put a fence around it so he can't go anywhere and walk up it but don't pull him and call him up the ramp then if he won't walk up then tighten the fence and so on eventually he should walk in.      Hope this helps

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May 12

Posts: 39

Maya says:

RE: How can I get him to load?

 if you have a wooden panel available practise walking him over that to get him used to the feeling then take him to the ramp and ask him to step oon; walk up to it with purpose as though you expect him to walk straight on, if he doesn't don't turn around just say "walk on" and pull gently. Release when he moves forward even just the slightest step and repeat if he stops again. If he doesn't move at all however back him up about five paces away and try walking again if he doesn't move back him up again and eventually he should move forwards rather than want to step back more.

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