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Mar 12

Posts: 111

annabelleh26 says:


So my boy has been on Baileys top line conditioning cubes with chaf, but now as his condition is back i'm looking for something else to feed along side his chaf. He's in light/moderate work, and can be sensitive to sugar. Any one know a good feed? Something full of goodness but non heating?

Thanks :) x

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Apr 05

Posts: 2854

rhapsody says:

Re: Recomendations?

I give my warmblood sugar beet pulp, alfa a oil and allen and page's calm and condition.  I have to watch what he gets as some things drive him off his head (the cubes you're using rendered him crazy), and when he's out jumping every week in the winter he also gets flaked barley.  He is the correct weight and condition on what he gets and is very manageable, but they're all different!

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Sep 08

Posts: 1350

highlander says:

Re: Recomendations?

allen and paige calm and conditioning is very good for this type of thing. I have to watch my mare while she eatas it tho as she got choke twice from it.

It has been calculated thay any two thoroughbreds picked at random will on average have more than 13% of their genes in common.

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May 12

Posts: 2

Seance says:

Re: Recomendations?

If he has gained the condition you were looking for, I'd probably be tempted just to feed him a non-heating balancer, like TopSpec's Cool Balancer which is a good bit cheaper than their Original Balancer but provides a broad spectrum of vits and mins

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