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Apr 12

Posts: 1

scooby28 says:

The right leg

Hi all

I am getting back into riding again after about 3 years and I cant remember how I know if im trotting and cantering on the corrrect leg!

I would really appreciate someones help! 

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Mar 12

Posts: 113

annabelleh26 says:

Re: The right leg

If you're cantering on the wrong leg you should feel it, it will feel unbalanced and uncomfortable, just go back into trot and ask again, try moving your outside leg just behind the girth and leave your inside where it is when you ask. If you lunge your horse, watch his legs when asking for canter, he should kick off with his outside back leg. Trotting, just make sure you're sitting as his outside front leg goes back and you should be fine :) x

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