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Sep 09

Posts: 371

Shazzam says:

Naughty pony on the lunge!

Our new pony has come to us from a home where she did not get so much exercise and to get her fit, she is being lightly lunged between 2-3 rides a week but she had taken to just standing still or turning in towards me.  I have tried tapping her with a stick and we've gone as far as cracking the lunge whip behind her but she refuses to budge now!  She is obviously totally bomb proof so any idea on how to get her feet moving again.  She has had laminitis in the past and the exercise is as much to keep her weight at an acceptable level as well as she is a food monster!

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May 08

Posts: 960

TruStar says:

Re: Naughty pony on the lunge!

Has she been lunged before? Maybe she just does not understand what she is supposed to do. Could you have someone leading her grom the outside until she gets the idea. If it is new to her  you have to help her understand. Be patient she learn quickly I`msure.

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