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Jun 09

Posts: 818

Re: Are grazing muzzles cruel?

Give those that scold you for using a Grazing muzzle a horse with laminitis to care for and pay the bills for then see which they prefer and then ask:

which is more cruel a grazing muzzle or an equine laying on the floor in agony unable to walk?

There is no greater gift than to share time with a creature of such beauty - The Horse.

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Jan 09

Posts: 2205

equi says:

Re: Are grazing muzzles cruel?

 Whats cruel is letting your horse get overweight because you don't want to restrict their grazing. A muzzle is an effective and humane way to be able to do that without having to keep your horse in. its cruel to have a horse standing in a stabel all day because it can't be on grass, or in a starvation paddock..


Muzzles are the kindest way to help a horse.

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Oct 07

Posts: 226

virginiaod says:

Re: Are grazing muzzles cruel?

NO THEY ARE NOT CRUEL!! Please people do your homework before you judge horses who HAVE TO wear grazing muzzles. An obese horse with laminitis is far far worse. I have a cob who is an extremely good doer but I also have a rescue TB who won't eat grass unless she is with her (and yes I have tried to divide the fence). My cob wears it end of April till end of Sept and while initally they don't know what to do with it they soon learn and take no notice of it. In fact she has her grazing now down to a fine art!! Just make sure that you allow some time for her to gaze with it off and give her vitamins  (balancer low cal) to helps balance the lack of forage . Best of luck with it.

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Oct 08

Posts: 101

Re: Are grazing muzzles cruel?

I have had the same problem with my daughter's pony.  He very nearly had full blown laminitis last year but managed to catch it in time and he ended up having to stay in his stable for several days/weeks to try and limit his feed intake. I bought a grazing muzzle for him so that he could still enjoy going out in the sun with his friends but another livery said it was cruel and took it off.

Tried strip grazing but he went straight through the fencing or even jumped it when the electric was on!

This year unfortunately he is being moved to all year turn out as I have another horse on loan so I will not have access to a stable to keep him in and he is starting to get fat already despite there being not much grass and he's worked every other day!

Therefore I am going to have to get the grazing muzzle out again.

I would suggest putting it on your horse and staying with them for a while.  Also make sure that the grass is long enough for it to poke through the hole!

Grazing muzzles aren't cruel!  Allowing a pony to suffer with laminitis is!


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Sep 10

Posts: 238

spanning says:

Re: Are grazing muzzles cruel?

He really doesn't like it!!!

But i know it's best for him so he is wearing it during the day and having it off at night.

I don't want my pony to get laminitis and was going to put it on him regaradless, the reason i posted the topic was I was not sure if they were cruel and didn't want to do him more harm than good. Haven't had experince with this sort of thing and wanted reassurance as my ponies have always lived in stables/starvation paddocks instead of a lush field.

Trust me he will be wearing it and i definitely don't inted to be cruel to my pony in any way.

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Nov 09

Posts: 223

tbgirl25 says:

Re: Are grazing muzzles cruel?

People who understand natural horse behaviour will tell you that grazing muzzles are not cruel as they restrict the grazing - don't stop it - especially useful with horses that would otherwise gorge themselves.  It does not help that many people feed extra to their horses during the winter -

The dartmoor ponies on the common get very fat during the summer when the grass is good then slowly burn off that fat off during the winter hence they are never at risk of lamintis when the spring comes. 

My Dartmoor pony is very cheeky - she'll get out of a grazing muzzle within 30 minutes of putting it on, jump over fencing and jump over the stable door.

I just have to be consistant and check she's still wearing hers - but I work from home and the horses are just outside so its easy.

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