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Sep 11

Posts: 74

study project!!!! your desicion;cobs.

 case study please answer; what type of cobs do yous alll prefer?

-the traditional gypsy cob black and white piebal skewbald,hairy feet etc.

-welsh cob section d..etc

or any other. what do you prefer and why?


'no hour of life is wasted,that is spent in the saddle' -winston churchill.

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Mar 11

Posts: 42

sunshine2020 says:

Re: study project!!!! your desicion;cobs.

Its got to be gypsy cobs for me, the hairyer the better.  I've got one called Blue.

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Jan 12

Posts: 86

Re: study project!!!! your desicion;cobs.

Irish cobs all the way! :) More feather the better! Don't like weshs as I think there too "showy" in their movemnet(prob going to be shot for that :p) I've the honour of loaning an 18year old irish cob that looks like it should be pulling a wagon and she will do anything. But if you don't really want to jump something or a bit nervous she won't come near it. She's so smart and even though she's 15hh and 18 years old we run ring around every body during mounted games in pony club.(everybody including the 15year olds on little 13hh 7year old ponies bought so the rider can ride at the pony club festival. :) )Ya hairy cobs rule!

It's ok if you give up as long as you come back later to try again.

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