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Sep 11

Posts: 74

study project!!!! your desicion;cobs.

 case study please answer; what type of cobs do yous alll prefer?

-the traditional gypsy cob black and white piebal skewbald,hairy feet etc.

-welsh cob section d..etc

or any other. what do you prefer and why?


'no hour of life is wasted,that is spent in the saddle' -winston churchill.

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Mar 09

Posts: 3438

Micki says:

Re: study project!!!! your desicion;cobs.

Very hairy piebald gypsy cobs for me. I just love them as hey have great personalities, not necesarily great temprements though. I adore all the feathers and mane and tail as they look fantastic.

I also love shires for the same reasons.

. .A horse is a thing of such beauty. . .none will tire of looking at him as long as he displays himself in his splendor. ~Xenophon

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Aug 10

Posts: 104

emaluvsmango says:

study project!!!! your desicion;cobs

Well for me its got to be a traditional irish cob, maybe that decision is a little bias because i have a lovely one lol, but I got him because of his temprement cheeky, friendly and chilled out, full of character, but then i would say that :p. To be fair I have ridden and helped with gypsy cobs and welshies, and i think there is so much varriation its a hard question to answer. But i love feathers so thats it for me :)

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Apr 11

Posts: 556

Rosebudd says:

Re: study project!!!! your desicion;cobs.

 i love cobs, however strangley im not a fan of too much feather.. good old irish cob for me though..but maybe im biased... 

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Nov 10

Posts: 87

Re: study project!!!! your desicion;cobs.

 very hairy cobs are my fave;) i loan a cob x and she used to be completley fluffy all over but then she got clipped so now she just has long fluffy feathers:D I spend ages brushing them haha! :) 

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  1. EMMA!  

The hardest thing about riding is the ground! ♥

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Apr 05

Posts: 2851

rhapsody says:

Re: study project!!!! your desicion;cobs.

My cob, Sammy, is an Irish Cob and an ex trotter, not much in the way of hair and feather but he is rock steady.  My friend has a traditional piebald cob stallion with the most amazing mane and loads of feather, and my filly's mum was a traditional cob too, whose mother was a clydesdale.  So I like them all really.

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Mar 10

Posts: 3273

greyandbay says:

Re: study project!!!! your desicion;cobs.

To me, a cob is an Irish cob, whatever their colouring - I have 2, both bay, and I love 'em to bits.

I'll probably get shot down in flames now, but I don't think Welsh D's really count as cobs - I still like them (my absolute favourite riding stable horse was a 14.2 chestnut mare Welsh D called Roulette) but they're not what I'd call particularly cobby......

The outside of a horse is good for the inside of a man - Winston Churchill

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Nov 09

Posts: 617

alrees says:

Re: study project!!!! your desicion;cobs.

I love big,hairy coloured traditional cobs, I have one and I just adore her! But I also love welsh cobs... Really I love any cobs!! :P

~Beauty is in the eye of the beholder~ ~Never judge a horse by its past,always look at what it can do for you in the future~

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Aug 10

Posts: 5196

kevinhiatt says:

Re: study project!!!! your desicion;cobs.

I have had the honour to have owned a Piebald Gypsy Cob called Tonka who was such a great character know by many in our area and was loved sadly missed after 21 years together, then took on a rescue ex-racehorse as felt another Cob I would always be judging against Tonka, now have a Belgian Warmblood who is a sort of big Cob type but not if you know what I mean, in fact would love to own another Gypsy Cob but now the prices they are fetching are riducous more that a TB. 

Gypsy Gold does not chink & glitter.It gleams in the sun and neighs in the dark.Tonka & Lara my beautiful horses RIP, Nelson,Chloe & Kitty the cats.

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Oct 07

Posts: 1472

dollymix says:

Re: study project!!!! your desicion;cobs.

 Welshie all the way for me. Although I hate stereotypes I would say they tend not to be for everyone as they are usually more highly spirited than other cobs.


Personally I love their looks too as although 'chunky' they have beautiful heads and fantastic high stepping movement 

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Sep 08

Posts: 4939

brook says:

Re: study project!!!! your desicion;cobs.

I love Welshies, some are more traditional than others with more bone and feather.  

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