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Oct 08

Posts: 101

Re: Preparing for the worst

I am sorry to hear about your awful situation and I hope that something can be done to help your horse.

However, if you do make that brave decision then its best to be prepared for it so that everything goes as smoothly and as stress free for all involved.

I had to make this decision for my mare last year and was the hardest thing to do but the best in the long run.

Good luck and my thoughts are with you at this difficult time.


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Sep 10

Posts: 238

spanning says:

Re: Preparing for the worst

 Bless you, 

By the looks of things we are all here for you with a kind word and lots of support. 

I really do hope things work out for you and your baby 

All the best xxxxxxxxxxx

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Dec 11

Posts: 281

Re: Preparing for the worst

Poor you, hope the vet manages to work out what it is and atleast if they don't you are prepared and if the time comes you will be ready, I really hope she pulls through, i also think it sounds like a form of equine epilepsy im not a vet tho so I may be wrong

I really really hope you manage to find the cause and that She gets better :)

Best wishes

'Freinds are like stars ,you can't always see them but you know they're there' Love you Fin :)

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Jun 09

Posts: 818

Re: Preparing for the worst

Thanks guys, I really appreciate everyones support - this is the downside to having your horses at home in the middle of nowhere and living somewhere new - I have no network of friends any more and you miss the support and bouncing ideas off of other people. 

Well she had another episode yesterday, I was just going out but could see it was coming so got out the camcorder and have 15 minutes of her going into the episode, then her collapsing, then me shouting at her, her coming round and going back "to sleep" and me banging on the stables shouting and her totally out of it, then finally her coming round dazed and a few minutes of her recovering, all in all 28 minutes of footage.  I watched it back last night and you can see the eye twitches, the jaw crossing, her then arching her back deep in take of breath then the swaying starts. I will copy and give to the Vet on Thursday as they are coming out to take the bloods for the Cushing's test.

I looked at the You Tube links, thank goodness she is not having massive seizures like that poor mare, I think I would pts immediately rather than let her go through that. She is similar to the sleep deprivation horse but it is more intense and lasts longer than all the clips I have seen so far.  But it was good to see the links - well good to see she isn't having those kind of seizures - although I do think it is a type of seizure!

Oh well, I will keep you posted and appreciate all the input, I am exhausted from worrying but today is a good day, she is in a fabulous loving mood more her normal self, eating well and interested in everything - downside is this probably means tomorrow she will have another episode. 

There is no greater gift than to share time with a creature of such beauty - The Horse.

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Jan 12

Posts: 49

likehorse00 says:

Re: Preparing for the worst

 So Sorry that it has come to this. 

You know what's best for her.

Be strong. 

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