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Jul 08

Posts: 1072

tatti says:

horse losing shoes constantly in field.Going barefoot, photos and video updates

Our TB has usual rubbish feet but, had improved a lot since we bought him, in past 2 weeks he has pulled off the same shoe 4 times!!, pulled it backwards so the toe clip digs into the hoof and rotated to the side so the nails are sticking out. He is now on box rest with a very sore foot, he has over reach boots on 24/7 and leg bandages, he is close in front but, doesnt brush, is not shod on back, I think that he is standing on the shoe itself and then pulling it. Problem is that the hoof is now bad, with cracks and lumps missing due to trauma. Daughter wants to try barefoot but, I cant see that possible, long walk down track to field, and very very low collapsed heels and flat feet. Also, we are suposed to be bringing him back into work after his 6 month turnaway after his facial fractures so, cant really afford to allow 'time' for feet to harden etc for barefoot. But, I am at the end of my tether, can anyone else suggest what to do or if their horses do the same thing?


Photos prior to shoe removal




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Apr 12

Posts: 21

AstiSpumante says:

horse losing shoes constantly in field

Hi there,


I haven't experienced the same problem but kind of simular - it sounds like a right pain in the bum what you're going through.

My old Anglo Arab used to loose his shoes in his stable, randomly and then when I used to turn him out he would manage to get out of his rug and ripped both or either just one shoe off the front - I couldn't get my head around how this was happening but the only option I actually had was to remove his shoes and give it a go - his rug was still of all the time but obviously he had no shoes to remove - Because it was only his front two he had on I was advised by my farrier that it wouldn't be such a shock to remove both 2 - after they were removed I was riding him after a week as his feet were then fine, I still gave him hoof care to keep them strong.


Hope I haven't rambled on too much and this helps a little :)


Always Remember; A horse is always better, it does'nt answer you back!!!

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Apr 08

Posts: 1276

pippixox says:

Re: horse losing shoes constantly in field

for the reasons you have suggested i would not recomend going barefoot, as he will probably not manage because of his flat feet, and even once smooted and rounded he is likely to manage to chip away at his foot.

my girl pulled off alot of front shoes a few months ago, but farrier now fit her with quarter clips on the front (as in like back shoes- with one clip either side of the front of the toe) and she seems to, touch wood, keep these on!

also the quarter clips they use- i also have on my tb ex racer who did have very flat feet, but they have a slightly thicker bar on the front to provide more support: basically think they are great! stay on better and provide more support.

you can see what i mean in this picture- encase my description is confusing!

Attached images:

  1. Photo0236  

my horses are my medicine, without them im even more crazy!

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Jan 05

Posts: 89

mcallistar says:

Re: horse losing shoes constantly in field

 You could also ask your farrier not to leave much at the back of the shoes for him to stand on. Mine now does this and it really has helped a lot. However, this may not be possible ue to the collapsed heels, but is worth asking about.

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Jan 09

Posts: 2205

equi says:

Re: horse losing shoes constantly in field

 Ask for racing shoes, theyre lighter and less likely to rip half the hoof off. 

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Aug 10

Posts: 5196

kevinhiatt says:

Re: horse losing shoes constantly in field

My rescue ex-racehorse had a great problem with her hooves unfortunately it appears to be a genetic problem as I believe most racehorses can trace their breeding back to a couple of stallions in the 1700's. Dropped soles, abcess, pierced soles, thrush, mudfever, and having pads under shoes except it breeds thrush again, then plastic shoes, learnt how to poultice 2 hooves at the same time. Then just as Lara was coming right she died with a twisted gut had a £800 vet bill and no horse.

Gypsy Gold does not chink & glitter.It gleams in the sun and neighs in the dark.Tonka & Lara my beautiful horses RIP, Nelson,Chloe & Kitty the cats.

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Sep 10

Posts: 238

spanning says:

Re: horse losing shoes constantly in field

 have you tried those boots people used for endurance riding? I saw some in horsatack, they were quite sweet, don't know how much you would be able to do in them, but might protect the hoof while it is growing back?

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May 08

Posts: 40

mchong says:

Re: horse losing shoes constantly in field

My exracer did this at the beginning. We lost shoes on a weekly basis. Now he is turned out in well fitting over reach boots - you must check them daily to make sure he isnt rubbing. That was 3years ago and we haven't lost a shoe since!! My farrier says lots of TBs do this!!

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Apr 05

Posts: 2854

rhapsody says:

Re: horse losing shoes constantly in field

I've been dealing with this sort of thing for years, for different reasons.  Blair does it because he has pads in his shoes which make it easier for him to overreach and rip them off, and he won't keep overrreach boots on, he removes them with his teeth 5 minutes after you put them on.  My last horse did it sometimes by pawing at the fence, so we put an electric fence just inside the normal one to keep him back and that worked a treat.  He also had an old scar running down his hoof and there was a bit missing at the bottom of it so that meant he could stand on the shoe at that part and also pull it off.  We sorted that out by using Keratex hoof putty to fill the gap, but you must be sure you're not blocking in any dirt first and make sure it is a clean, dry hoof or it won't stay in properly.  There's also a new thing on the market called shoe secure ( which looks like it might just work but you need stud holes in your shoe for it to attach to, it comes with its own studs.  I know just how you feel, it becomes an obsession!

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Mar 09

Posts: 3438

Micki says:

Re: horse losing shoes constantly in field

If  you are thinking about going barefoot with him due to him pulling his shoes off then make sure his diet is right and get some hoof boots. You can use them for turnout if you really need to but not really ideal. You can ride in them normally as you would with shoes, then when his feet are improving you can try him without them for the odd ride and gradually build up the amount of work he does without them on. Even tb's can go barefoot succesfully given the the chance and the right diet etc. It will help with the collapsed heels and you should see a difference in them quite quickly.

. .A horse is a thing of such beauty. . .none will tire of looking at him as long as he displays himself in his splendor. ~Xenophon

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Apr 12

Posts: 9

pepsimaximus says:

Re: horse losing shoes constantly in field

 hey my tb is exactly the same, if u think he is pulling em out by standing on them then try bell boots they stop injuries or shoe loss from horses over stepping. barefoot will be good but if ur tb is still racing he may need em. it could be your paddock if its wet or muddy it pulls em off. for the cracks put oil on them, my horse gets sand cracks from the arena, u can get hoof care but if u dont want to waste ur money if u have a deep fryer or something use that used oil, i no it sounds weird but it really works and saves money, put it on the hoof wall and under foot as well as a little in the fur above it if its cracked up there it absorbs it. 

hope it helps

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