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Sep 11

Posts: 47

Re: yard nightmare

CHICKENS. My horse is kept on a chicken farm and there's always chickens messing up my stuff, leaving  rotten eggs in the tack room, cracking eggs over the hay and always getting in the way when I lead Minnie in from the field and ride. They also hang around the jumps when I want to go over them so I have to circle around it several times till they move away! >.

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May 11

Posts: 126

Icebunny says:

: yard nightmare



I have to say the yard where i keep my pony a very welcome place to be.  The people are all lovely as are the staff, everyone helps each other out and you know if it anything happens when your not there they will let you know straight way and do evrything they can to help.  The only downside is the yard owner is too nice.  It is all about the horses with her.  If liveries stop coming up or neglect to feed them properly she will bring them in and feed them and take the horses on if the owner doesnt want them anymore.  She has over 30 horses of her own curently, far more than liveries.  This means the fields cant be rotated properly, we cant buy hay/straw from her as she needs it for her own and it costs her that much to keep them all what money she makes on the livery side she is paying back out.  This means the yard is in a state of disrepair.  Not terrible but could be so much nicer.  She has a heart of gold and will never let a horse suffer and i have to commend her on that.  She is also letting me and a friend ride two of hers as we are not able to ride our own due to age (one retired one just 2).   


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Aug 11

Posts: 270

nix123 says:

Re: yard nightmare

toochi said:

i agree with you i left a yard where the 20 year old thought he was god .my final words to him were "an intelligent man is one whom can reconise the true extent of their ignorance "  it didnt go down well haha

I love that saying Toochi its soo true.  I know im lucky to have my horses at home with me. What i dont understand is why do people have to be so cruel in the first place?  Also with people like that i always think no response gets to them more as they thrive of the fact they've got to you.  Unless they are hitting or something equally bad to your horse, i'd be tempted to put a camera up in the stable and as soon as i'd got it on film next stop would be police station with film in hand. 


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