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Apr 12

Posts: 3

flakeyblakey says:

Nappy horse

Hi i have been riding a lovely black cob who is six, he ticks all the boaxes except for one little thing.  When you ride out alone he semi rears and spins to the right.  i have riddden him for the last three weeks in company and last Friday rode away from my boss to ride down a lane and back up the road and met the boss back up there.  to say i had my hands full would be an undersatement.  As soon as we started off he did the spinaroo to try and dislodge me, i carried on with the spin til it was a 360 and pushed him on down the lane.  He did this quite a number of times until i managed to get him down the lane eventually he gave up,once we were on the road he was fine as well.  So how do i stop this he doesnt respond to leg aids but he does listen when i get gruffer voiced he knows i am unhappy. i carry a whip but  i dont like to use it  i can push him on with a good squeeze and a grumble in my voice but am i doing right.  when he decides to jump right on a spinaroo he does not take into account who may be there at his side..i have ridden nappy horses but i am not sure how to get the better of him.  i have to start riding out alone and it would be good to know if i am doing the right thing to correct him, i think he is going to give me a rough starting small by riding out for about 15 - 20 mins alone so i dont overload him.  he is kind gentle and loving on the ground.we have a really good bond. i would love to buy him but i need to know i am doing right or should walk away now.

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Feb 10

Posts: 451

SarahR123 says:

Re: Nappy horse

I'd be inclined trying to take him out on his own a few times with you leading him, then if he's OK with that try long-reining and then try back in the saddle.  It's probably a confidence thing so he needs you to tell him it's OK.

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