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Jan 10

Posts: 86

linnyarm says:

riser for saddle please help

just had a lesson and my teacher thinks i need a front riser for my saddle my saddle is fitting fine no probs there but it is very high at the back and im sitting a bit forward at the moment i dont have the money for a new saddle as this saddle is new by only six months so i would like to try and work with wat i have my problem is i dont know the first thing about pads can anyone tell me what i should be looking for

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Apr 05

Posts: 2848

rhapsody says:

Re: riser for saddle please help

If you look in the Robinsons or any of the catalogues you will see pictures of them.  The usually have a raised bit at the front and a flattish bit at the back, in raising it up more at the front it will help it be more in alignment.  A good quality one is important though so a manufacturer like Prolite would be good.

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May 08

Posts: 960

TruStar says:

Re: riser for saddle please help

If you are sitting to much to the front of the saddle the reason could be the saddle being a bit to wide in the gullet. A good saddler should be able to fit another gullet bar, a little narrower with this your saddle should be more balanced. A pad rises your saddle at the back as well even the back end of the pad is only thin.

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Mar 12

Posts: 56

Re: riser for saddle please help

 try prolite, they are really good, i got one myself! :)

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