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Apr 08

Posts: 1276

pippixox says:

Re: What is your favourite piece of tack or lunging equipment and why ?

lunging equiptment completly agree with the pesoa, although during my move mine got tangled and a bit has come undone and i still havnt found time to lay it out and fix it- as there are so many bits of string!

recently changed my mare from a loose ring french link snaffle to a full cheek and really noticed the differencce in control having the cheek part, which out having to have a harsher bit, has allowed me to fine tune steering

i know to some they are controversial but i started using draw reings with my mare a month or so ok with brilliant results, as she has a slightly long back and struggles to get herself together so can be a bit disjointed which isnt easy with a 16'2 horse in a small school. she now immediatly relaxes down into the draw reigns and works over her back brilliantly

my horses are my medicine, without them im even more crazy!

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Oct 07

Posts: 382

msg_minx says:

Re: What is your favourite piece of tack or lunging equipment and why ?

I dont use any equipment lunging or gadgets.  Bungee perhaps.

I do however love my sprenger kk lozenge bit and my Ideal Susannah dressage saddle which is nothing to do with lunging sorry.

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Endurance Arabians


Jun 08

Posts: 2071

Re: What is your favourite piece of tack or lunging equipment and why ?

kezza81 said:
Endurance Arabians said:

My treeless saddle! its fab very very comfey which is a good job as im in the saddle for a number of hours in one go. PLUS it fits ALL my Arabs its nice and light for them specially as they are youngsters or not long been backed.

I dont use the correct pads but this is due to my choice i personally find them a waist of money i just use a Poly Pad and have done since 1999 when i got my very first treeless saddle i have got a correct pad but when your competing in the mileage that i do they just hold the sweet AND it works out soooo expensive when you need 4 of them when your doing big rides if i didnt change them at every vet gate then my horses would get sore back.

I have just brought a GP style treeless saddle for Dressage again very comfy. Love them.

------ End Quote ------


Can I be completely nosey and ask what treeless that is? I have been using a Libra Trec II but am not keen on it, I feel safer bareback! 

The one in the Photo is an Easy trek show and dressage, FEI legal and not bad priced find it comfey for both me and my Arabs i also have a barefoot which i love for Endurance. my mate has a solution treeless saddle again show and dressage FEI leagal but costs twice as much as mine plus he finds it rolls.

Boyfriends come and go but my Arabs are for life

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