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Aug 11

Posts: 171

sallyprice says:

lead rein showing

I'm thinking of going to a show for the first time with my daughter and entering the lead rein pony class.

I'll obviously give Merry a serious clean up so he's actually a grey that looks white, rather than a grey that looks brown and yellow.

Do my daugther and I both need to wear cream jods/shirt/jacket or just her? Should I wear a tie or a stock? Should I have a hat on too? Does it matter what colour her saddle cloth is? Should the lead rein match? Should the lead rein attach in a specific way? Thanks

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Apr 05

Posts: 2854

rhapsody says:

Re: lead rein showing

Usually in a lead rein class the leaders wear a "leaders outfit" which usually consists of a long skirt and matching jacket and hat with sensible shoes and dark tights, with a high necked blouse underneath (just think old fashioned Miss Jean Brodie and you've got it), the riders wear cream or yellow johds with johdpur boots and johddy clips, with a shirt and tie and either a black or tweed jacket depending on the type of pony you have e.g. if it is a "show" type pony or a mountain/moorland type, and a velvet riding hat which conforms to current safety legislation.  The lead rein should be leather and should attach to the chin part of the nose band rather than to the bit rings.  It is normally considered smarter to have brown tack rather than black and the numnah should be the same colour as the saddle and be discreet.  You can get a leaders outfit online and I've also seen them on ebay too.  There are a few showing websites that can point you in the right direction, just google inhand and lead rein showing.

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Mar 09

Posts: 792

SuzyA says:

Re: lead rein showing

Wow, that sounds very posh .  Think we will definitely be liking to see a photo of the event.  Have fun!

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Feb 12

Posts: 106

toochi says:

Re: lead rein showing

leader in a leaders outfit , preferably dark skirt or trousers if pony has light coloured legs , and shirt jacket and hat , gloves , rider , canary jods shirt tie jacket , riding hat , jody clips , button hole , hair in neat bun net or ribbon plaits , gloves , show cane , tack spotless , lift child on pony to keep his /her boots spotless on soles . clean inside saddle flaps , girth bar etc , inside reins , etc . no saddle pad or numnah or make sure it cant be seen , no earings , good luck , daughter won lots or t&t s x


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