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Apr 12

Posts: 1

rachelb2982 says:

Re: livery - how much do u pay?

i pay £75 pcm stable grazing straw and as much haylage as you want only snag is horses have to be kept in at night time all yr round, but after 8 yrs of being there its reasuring that i know where my horse is everynight , theres a paddock to ride in n i have my own feed/ tack room but there is no school, theres only 3 of us on there and we all help each other when 1 of us is in work so no turning out charges or bringing in charges, loads of lovely hacking and a trainer across the road who lets us use his school if we want to wirral area

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Oct 11

Posts: 109

HorseMad2911 says:

Re: livery - how much do u pay?

£50 per week for 2 horses.

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Oct 10

Posts: 96

drkim84 says:

Re: livery - how much do u pay?

I'm in County Durham and pay £28pw for DIY livery, which includes either a turn out or bring in, use of outdoor and indoor schools and all-year turnout :) We also have some lovely large fields at the very back of the farm that we use for hacking in the summer and planning to put some XC jumps in there too. On top of the £28, I have to buy bedding - I'm on shavings which cost £4.50 a bale from the farmer, but those who use straw just pay £30 pw all in.


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